To apply to be a Minister in Residence you must be an experienced UNITY MINISTER or have experience leading/advising Unity Ministries (including delivering Unity messages).


Ministers in Residence are responsible, in coordination with the Senior Minister, for the conduct and content of all Sunday services. They are expected to offer workshops, classes or events of their choosing during their stay (including selling their own books or similar materials while in residence) and attend James Twyman’s Monday-Friday morning sessions (and participate when James is away). Ministers in Residence have no administrative duties of any kind.


Ministers in Residence receive as sole compensation while serving: free room, breakfast and dinner M-F, and transportation to and from Ajijic to Guadalajara International Airport.


Ministers in Residence are selected by and accountable to the Senior Minister, in consultation with the Board of Trustees. The selection process will seek experienced ministers who:

1. Demonstrate commitment to modeling Unity principles with integrity, especially while residing in an interfaith community of spiritual people;

2. Possess skills and talents in presiding over and presenting worship services;

3. Can share special skills and talents with the ministry and/or community (for example, musical, social media, or audio-visual technical abilities);

4. Are familiar or comfortable with the teachings of A Course in Miracles; and

5. Offer evidence of other services, talents, or experiences of value to Unity  Namaste (for example, successful workshops or subject matters).


We appreciate your interest in providing your leadership to our community. To apply for a position, please send an email to addressing:

1. How your experience and credentials fulfill the five above selection criteria,

2. Explaining why you think you are “called” to serve as a Minister in Residence,

3. The month(s) from June 2025 to December 2025 and April 2026 to December 2026 when you will be available to serve (NOTE: positions are filled on a first come first served basis).

4. Please attach a current resume with your contact information and

5. Link(s) to videos of your messages in worship services.

Of course, feel free to contact us with questions at: or at:

305.951.9172 (WhatsApp works too!).