James Twyman in March of 2021 invited Rev. Johannys to Namaste Village to see if she and husband Jack were interested in bringing a Unity presence to Namaste Village. James Twyman, also known as the Peace Troubadour, is a world renowned musician, author (more than 20 books!), a celebrated devotee of A Course in Miracles, and man of peace. Conversations among James, Jack and Johannys, and later Rev. David McArthur, led to creation of what is now Unity Namaste of Ajijic. Unity Worldwide Ministries (the Association of Unity Churches International) officially chartered our ministry in February 2022. Unity Namaste of Ajijic Inc. is a 501(c)3 tax exempt Florida corporation.



Unity Namaste of Ajijic enhances the Lake Chapala area as a universal spiritual center and enrich the worldwide movement of shared spiritual awakening. Namaste Village shares the same vision.


Unity Namaste of Ajijic celebrates our Oneness and Love through friendship, joy, music and service to the Lake Chapala area and the world. Namaste Village shares the same mission.


Honesty (building a culture of integrity)
     Practicing integrity, first with ourselves and always with others.
     Doing the right thing, especially when it is not convenient
     Understanding the importance of motivation and intention
“I am” (Living Unity’s 5 Principles)
     Manifesting our Inner Divinity as Love, Peace and Joy
     Practicing prayer and meditation
     Knowing we live in an abundant universe
Diversity (Oneness with each other)
     Seeing the Christ within everyone at all times
     Confidently trans-denominational, openly spiritual
     Emphasizing the teachings of Jesus, our Role Model
     Differences make us interesting; they do not limit us
Service (implementing our faith)
     Seeking always to “walk the talk” (practicing what we preach)
     Sharing celebrations, music, classes, training
     Serving the congregation, the community and the world
Transformation (changing the world by changing ourselves)
     From selfish to selfless
     From fearful to peaceful
     From judgmental to accepting and inviting
     From controlling to letting go


Rev. Johannys was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Puerto Rico. In 2007 she became a Licensed Unity Teacher. In 2008 she was ordained as an “Accessing Inner Wisdom Counselor” by Pathways of Light, which uses A Course in Miracles as its curriculum, and in 2013 was ordained as a Unity Minister by Unity Worldwide Ministries. She also was recently  ordained as a priest by the Old Catholic Church.

She along with her husband Jack Hartog have pioneered two ministries: a Spanish Ministry called “Misión Unity”, now “Unity Para Todos”, an online ministry in Spanish and Unity Namaste of Ajijic, where she is currently the Senior Minister and Jack is the CEO.

She is an Industrial Engineer and has a Masters Degree in Education and Mathematics. Rev. Johannys is also a professional singer and dancer, and has authored two CDs: Ligada a Tu Amor (ballads) and Un Pasito Mas (various upbeat Latin rhythms). In her youth she hosted a TV program called “Contigo Johannys” with Telemundo Puerto Rico, held leading roles in several “Telenovelas” also with Telemundo, performed backup singing with two of her sisters to many famous Latino singers as part of “Hermanas Jiménez”, and participated in many Musicals and Theater Plays. 

About Jack Hartog

Husband of Rev. Johannys and CEO (Executive Director) and cofounder with Rev. Johannys of Unity Namaste of Ajijic and Unity Para Todos. Jack has served on the board of Unity on the Bay in Miami, Florida and for seven years on the board of Unity Worldwide Ministries . In 2019, he received one of the highest recognitions of the Unity Movement, “The Light of God Expressing ” for his leadership and support of the Unity Movement. Jack has worked as a lawyer for the U.S.  Commission on Civil Rights and as counsel for public hospitals in Florida, including 22 years with the Jackson Health System of Miami, Fl. He is a graduate of Stanford University School of Law and Cornell University.

Unity Para Todos está aquí para inspirarte en tu búsqueda espiritual

Board of Trustees-2022


Bethel Barnes, President

Bethel Barnes has been in Unity 40 years. As a Licensed United Tearcjer for 30 years, she has taught many classes and performed services as a substitute for the minister.  One of the original members of the Namaste Village community, she serves as President of the Board of Trustees of  Unity Namaste of Ajijci.


Nicky Hartdegen, VP/Secretary

The message of Unity touches my heart, and it has been my primary spiritual practice for decades.  I discovered the “Daily Word” in the summer of 1983.  It was a miracle for me, as I had been without an organized religion since 1972.  Silent Unity has helped me on many occasions, and I have been a member of several Unity Churches over the last 39 years.  Living at Namaste Village is such a blessing.  Here I find more love and joy that I could have ever imagined.

Within days of completing my post graduate training to become a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, I was introduced to New Thought Christianity.  After 39 years of Practice, I retired to Namaste Village in Ajijic, Mexico.


Gary Kent, Treasurer

First introduced to metaphysical thought as a child by hearing Ernest Holmes ‘ radio broadcasts which delivered a Religious Science message back in the 1940’s. Dipped in and out of this path until 2011 when I made a firm commitment by joining the Church of Spiritual Living, then after a change of location, I was led, in 2016, to Unity in the Gold Country in Grass Valley, Ca. At the inception of Unity Namaste` of Ajijic, I enthusiastically joined as a member of the board. My employment background runs the gambit from Woodworker, Apartment Management, Mental Health Worker, to providing therapeutic beds to hospitals and care facilities.



Bonnie Raniewicz

Bonnie is a certified psychic, life coach, yoga and meditation teacher, feng shui consultant, and reiki practitioner. Bonnie was a long-time resident of Elmira, NY, and well known local businesswoman, owning and managing Floral Fantasy and Mystic Being for 35 years. She moved to Ajijic, MX in 2018 and is a co-founder and creator of Villa Del Ángel. She currently lives at and is a big part of Namaste Village, Unity Namaste, and the Ajijic community.